Nursing School

The Nursing Institute – Ain WaZein Hospital was established based on the agreement number -67- between Ministry of Education –The Directorate General of  Vocational and Technical Education  and the Board of Trustees of the "Health Establishment of the Druze Community" on the 31st of December 2001.

According to this agreement, the nursing institute continues to offer students public technical education in Nursing and Radiology. Students come from different areas: Shouf, Aley, Matn, Hasbaya, and Rachaya.

The institute has launched its work in 2001-2002 with nursing programs of two different degrees BT program (3 years post Brevet) and the BP program (1-2 years). The first class graduated in 2002 with 100% success in the official exams.

In 2004, degrees and specialties were upgraded to TS Program (3 years post secondary) in Nursing and Radiology. This provided an opportunity to gain higher degrees for those students willing to progress in professional education. 36 students successfully graduated in the first TS graduation and this success has continued to the present date.

The total number of the graduates reached 222 till 2009, among them 50 registered nurses and 39 Radiology technicians. Theoretical and technical preparations of students are given according to official programs and by highly qualified staff.

The graduates of the nursing institute are of the basic human staff in the medical organizations over the country regions especially Shouf area. And most of them attained Universities in order to gain higher educational degrees thus, being prepared to enroll in various responsibilities and meet requirement of.